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Todd Morris

Expert Dog Trainer, Todd Morris

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Danielle G
Danielle G Albion Park, New South Wales | June 01 2020

We had our training with Todd and Sylvia 2 days ago and have already seen improvements with our 2 dogs. Neville and Lexi are both hyperactive and we struggled to have them inside the home as they would run around constantly, jump, bark at the tv and cause havoc. After a few days we have seen significant improvement in both their behaviours and are able to have them inside with us a lot more. We have also noticed a significant decrease in their barking. Looking forward to having more well behaved dogs. Todd has also been great with checking in on how we are going. Looking forward to our next session.

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Trainer note from Todd :

Neville & Lexi were both hyperactive as soon as we arrived, Jumping on the couch and barking at the TV, after our session they started to calm once we put some house rules into place and upped the leadership. Will take some time but they soon will be able to watch TV with the family without any barking and jumping around.