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Peter Adamow

Expert Dog Trainer, Peter Adamow

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Lucy F
Lucy F Wentworth Falls, New South Wales | June 07 2020

Our 16 month old kelpie Archie constantly barked at the vacuum cleaner (and any other appliance that makes a noise), at us when we left the house, as people walked past on the street, and many other undesired behaviours that left us frustrated and at a loss as to what to do. After the first lesson with Peter we saw a huge change in Archie in terms of his behaviours. We can see that there has been a shift, and Archie is now seeing us as the leaders. Peter taught us how to communicate with Archie in a way that he is responsive to. Peter is clearly very gifted and experienced in training dog owners. We had tried to research online for months without much success with our dog, but having personal feedback from an expert made all the difference.

We have only had two sessions with Peter and we are excited to see more changes to come. We are so glad that we spent the money, which allows us to have a better and less stressful life with our dog.

Thank you so much Peter!

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Trainer note from Peter :

Thank you Lucy,

It was a pleasure to help Archie be the dog he could be.

He is a very intelligent Kelpie, not to mention handsome! He did very well with stopping his barking , chasing vacuum cleaners and walking on lead.I am sure you will enjoy your walks much more .

Keep up the good work you have done and maintain his education.

It was great starting his training through our remote service - online, and 黄色视频下载,黄片视频网站 will continue his support for his whole life . Looking forward to catching up when COVID calms down

Thanks again